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Gonzaga University

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Greetings, GU writers from across the curriculum!


The Writing Center will reopen for the Spring 2019 semester at 10 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 28th. From that day forward, the weekly schedule will be as listed below.


Mondays: 10-8

Tuesdays: 10-8

Wednesdays: 10-8

Thursdays: 10-8

Fridays: 10-2

Saturdays: CLOSED

Sundays: 5-10


The Writing Center will be closed on all holidays and holiday weekends.


At this time, we do not provide online tutoring. When you come for a session, please do your best to bring a hard copy of your writing project. Thanks!


Late Appointment Policy: If you are more than five minutes late for an appointment, the session may be given to someone else. We appreciate your promptness!


Missed Appointment Policy: The Writing Center is often a busy place, with many writers wanting to secure appointments with tutors. Please respect this fact and only make appointments you can keep, and cancel appointments in advance if you are unable to fulfill your commitment. If you "no show" for two (2) or more sessions in a given academic term, you may be blocked from scheduling further appointments. We really do not want to block your access! We will not have to as long as you are respectful and responsible to the tutors, and to the other students seeking assistance in the Writing Center. Thanks!


We are located on the first floor of the Foley Center Library, next to CSAS.


You can schedule an appointment at, or call the Writing Center at (509) 313-6610. You are also welcome to drop in and see if a tutor is available to provide immediate assistance.


We look forward to working with you!

To ensure that we can continue to provide the greatest opportunity for facilitating critical-but-sensitive dialogue about your writing processes and writing, we have made some changes to our schedule:

1. All appointments must be between 30 minutes and 60 minutes in length.

2. All appointments must begin at either X:00 or X:30. For example, appointments can begin at 12:30 or 1:00 but cannot begin at 12:45 or 1:15.

3. Appointments cannot be scheduled back-to-back.

These three criteria will allow us meet with more writers while allowing enough time for fruitful meetings. If you notice a 15-minute opening in the schedule, however, you are welcome to visit the Writing Center to meet with a tutor for a brief conversation.

Again, we look forward to meeting with you!